You’re a Racist, Xenophobic, Rape Culture Loving Misogynist. Meh.


How crazy the radical left has become. Not a day goes by without the media reporting on one bit of insanity or another.

One day a story might break of a university saying “WHITE MEN NEED NOT APPLY” for a teaching position, claiming that the university needs fewer white employees working for them.

It’s not racist, they claim.

Then on another day the media might report their delight with the legal persecution of men like Bill Whatcott who simply want to tell the truth about gender and universal, Christian ideals.

Speech isn’t unconditionally free, they say, especially if it makes a lefty feel sad.

Absurd isn’t it?  We are, indeed, entering “crazy town”.  But, it is by design and very systematic.  Consider that:

  • If your skin is white, then they say that you are inherently oppressive due to your “white privilege” − even if you work hard for your family and community.
  • If you are a Christian, then they say you are part of a “rape culture” − even if you live your life according to the Ten Commandments.
  • If you are a male, then they label you a misogynist − even if you love your wife and daughters and treat women with great respect.
  • If you question mass immigration and open borders, then they say you are racist − even though you simply want to prevent the genociding of your society.

The radical left launches these epithets and false narratives at us in order to demean, degrade and intimidate us.

The radical left uses pejoratives and threats in an attempt to shut us down so that we do not question their efforts any further.  They yell “racist” or “fascist” and walk away thinking that they’ve won the argument.

To their detriment, the radical left’s strategy of simply shouting at us rather than addressing our arguments and common sense observations is not working anymore.

After all:

  • We are waking up to their plans to destroy the family and Christian traditions − our very way of life − and replace them with their magical, degenerate Utopia whereby a few wealthy elite call the shots and run your life.
  • We now recognize their aim to reinvent our language, destroy common decency and force you and your family to accept their sick, debauched lifestyles and to punish you if you complain.
  • We are taking notice of their unconditional promotion of foreign invasion in order to systemically, and irreversibly send our communities spiraling into chaos and violence.

Our discovery of their dark, evil plan is driving them bananas. That is why they are going “full throttle” with their social and political craziness.

They know the clock is ticking.

It is simply impossible to have any sort of civil discussion with these parasites anymore. Their logic and their understanding of right and wrong and good and evil are so different than ours that there can no longer be a meeting of the minds over any societal, spiritual or economic issues.

We must ignore their pejoratives and reject their mental illness posing as a new “inclusive culture”.

In the battle of right vs. wrong, we have history, civility and honesty on our side.