Would You Like Genocide and Civil War with Your Multiculturalism?


Since the 1960’s, leftist politicians have been chanting the mantra that multiculturalism is a strength.

History clearly demonstrates, however, that the most violent, genocidal societies are the multicultural ones. Consider the Bosnian war and the Belarusian and Armenian genocides as examples. The list goes on and on.

This stands to reason, of course. After all, culture is not simply about how spicy the food is, or what type of art is hanging on the wall. Moreover:

  • Culture defines how people behave towards one another and how people expect to be treated.
  • Culture defines manners, moral assumptions, beliefs in God, views about the family and the roles of men and women.

It is no wonder that countries with different cultures need big long fences between them.

People of vastly different cultures simply cannot share the same space because of the conflict that generally results.

They certainly cannot share a single government. In a democracy, the culture with the most votes will rule and this sets the stage for resentment and violence. Once that is combined with the financial destruction that inevitably occurs with disastrous progressive economics, then the formula for civil war and mass death is created.

But that is precisely what the progressives of the old parties have been laying the groundwork for. Not only have they been wrecking the economy with increasing debt slavery to foreign Bolshevik bankers, they have also been forcing the collision between cultures within our borders by opening up the immigration floodgates.

Their aim is to wipe your Christian society off the map so that they can create a magical Marxist paradise.

The radical left is playing chicken with our very existence, but that is their intention. They purposefully want to destroy everything our ancestors have built and replace it with a Marxist “Utopia.”

They are putting the “pedal to the metal” in the hopes that their Utopia will one day magically materialize via the destruction of your prosperity and way of life.

But people are now recognizing the threat that they pose to us and our families. People are realizing that it is time to work hard to stop them in their tracks!