Why the Liberty Institute of Canada?


If you are tired of seeing your family, culture, business and way of life being relentlessly attacked by the degenerates of the radical left, then you are not alone.

After decades of corruption, moral degeneracy, economic ignorance and endless warmongering on the part of our political, academic, media and banking elite, Canada is at a crossroads.

  • What we do today will determine if tomorrow will be better for us and our children.
  • If we want a better tomorrow, then we must draw a line in the sand.  No longer can we bargain with the savages who keep asking us to sacrifice more and more of what we and our ancestors have built.
  • The radical left will never stop asking for more sacrifice − they will never stop their relentless attack against us and our culture.  They will only keep degrading us and destroying our way of life.  Forever.

There is no middle ground anymore.  There is only the band of Marxist radicals on the left, and those of us on the right (today termed the hard right) who wish to maintain our peaceful society, dynamic culture, prosperous economy and moral, Christian traditions.

The Liberty Institute of Canada exists to raise awareness of the threats to our existence that the radical left represents. We also want to highlight the successes that we are starting to enjoy.

The real battle is just beginning. The Internet is allowing communication that has, heretofore, been impossible. People are waking up.

We are in for a great ride! We hope you visit our website regularly and explore the hard right further to gain knowledge, insight and strength.