Where is Our Democracy Headed?


The history of the west has been the story of the transition from monarchy to democracy.  With a monarchy, the monarch sees his country as his own and so tends to built up the capital stock of his holdings − much like we would do with our own property and livelihood.  Monarchs tended to leave the economy alone aside from imposing import duties to help pay for public expenditures.

A democracy, however, is run by temporary rulers who obey the will of the majority and, thus, tends to run down the capital stock.  The reason is that, in a democracy, voters realize that they can work less (or not at all) by voting themselves other people’s stuff − something that the monarchs of the past prevented. It becomes particularly acute when everyone is allowed to vote, even the non-productive people and government employees.

We have witnessed that, with the advent of “inclusive mass democracy” where there is no limit regarding who can vote (other than age and citizenship), democratic governments become more and more intrusive because of the increasing demands of the voters.  This causes conflict between the increasing percentage of non-productive, uncivilized people and the decreasing percentage of productive, civilized ones.  This is where we find ourselves in the west today, Canada included.

Eventually, when a democratic country’s capital stock is depleted, violence and civil war erupts.

Consider Venezuela.  The degeneration of Venezuela culminated with the election of radical Communist Hugo Chávez.  His regime succeeded in completely destroying what was left of the country’s economy and social order through increasingly intrusive laws and regulations to the point where the military is now running food distribution in the country.  Murder is through the roof and people are eating their pets to stay alive.  It’s an utter disaster and a real life testament to democracy’s end game.

Isn’t it time that Canadians give some thought to electing a party that will strive to maintain our culture, values and way of life rather than driving the country into the ground?