We Are Now Slaves to the Big Banks


Sadly, us “proles” have become used to the old party politicians putting us deeper and deeper into debt.  Consider that the Canadian Federation of Independent Business estimates that the total federal and provincial debts amount to $1.3 trillion.

Of the 26 million Canadians who filed a federal return last year, only 67% put more into the tax system then they took out.  Hence, the debt equates to $75,000 per tax-contributing citizen.

Politicians are turning you and your family into slaves to the big banks.

Imagine if you needed to go to the bank to borrow money to pay for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Imagine if you needed to borrow money to pay for your gas and movie theatre tickets.

That would be insane, wouldn’t it? And yet that is precisely what governments are doing.

The governments never plan to pay off their debts. They plan to keep enriching the banks at your expense.

They plan to keep borrowing until you and your children wake up one day completely broke and destitute.  And, they are well on their way.

It is definitely time to raise awareness of our increasing debt slavery!


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