Unsettled Science – From a Global Ice Age to Global Warming


Global warming never used to be called that.  It used to be called global cooling.  In the 1970’s, “leading scientists”, working at the behest of the Club of Rome and other political elites, warned that the earth was entering a new ice age.  Newsweek rang the alarm bells in 1975 in their article, The Cooling World. However, soon after the scientists were forced to disclose that the temperatures had stopped falling.

Once the threat of global cooling became exposed as a hoax, the politicians and climate scientists did a complete turnaround.  During the 1980’s, they started to point to “incontrovertible” evidence that Mother Earth was entering a period of uncontrolled global warming due to man-made carbon emissions.

The science was sketchy, and the data was poisoned, but that didn’t stop them from claiming that the future held only mass starvation and destruction unless we allowed politicians to tax us − via carbon credit trading or outright taxes, and shipping untold wealth from Canada to corrupt, foreign governments.

We now know that politics has driven climate science and not the other way around.  We also know that the data indicates that carbon dioxide has followed global temperatures rather than the reverse.

Climate Change:  It’s about changing the political climate so that green fat cats can drain your bank account.

Be sure to check out Warren Meyer’s excellent video, Catastrophe Denied: