Unidirectional Racism in Our Legal System


Superior Court Justice Alissa Mitchell, an appointee of Peter McKay of the progressive Conservative Party, thought that it was a danger to society that Dr. Victor Priebe be granted his dying wishes as specified in his will:

To create a scholarship for white heterosexual males & females.

Of course, only white people are targeted for such treatment.  Consider that the BBPA scholarships for blacks or Toronto’s Africentric Alternative School are deemed to be positive steps forward for those who perpetually suffer under the made-up yoke of white privilege.

The icing on the cake is that the Justice Mitchell awarded more than $22,000 to the lawyers – money that could have otherwise gone to deserving students.

Just another example of unidirectional racism and PC perversion in the judiciary.

It is no laughing matter.

For the full, twisted ruling, click here.