Trudeau Justice Minister Says Courts Must Institutionalize Racism


In a classic example of just how dangerous the Trudeau Liberals are, the Minister of Justice has derided Canada’s justice system for being systemically racist:

Marginalized individuals including Indigenous communities, black Canadians, other marginalized groups have not seen themselves in the justice system, have not played an active role in the justice system and so this is a comprehensive way in which we have to ensure that individuals are involved.

These are frightening ideas. She is implying that the Trudeau Liberals are going to be agitating for a legal system that, by law, factors in race and skin colour. What this means, of course, is that people with white skin will need to take a back seat.

Imagine institutionalizing the selection of juries and the appointment of judges using overtly racist principles while claiming that those very principles are being used to fight racism.

That’s the thought process of the radical left on display.  They approve of anything that:

  • Discredits you, your family or your way of life.
  • Puts you and your children at a disadvantage when it comes to employment, schooling and justice.
  • Tries to make you believe that your ancestors were terrible, horrible men and women − that you must pay unending penance for their sins of creating the greatest, most peaceful, civilized and prosperous society ever known to mankind.

Radical leftists are not our friends.  They are our greatest enemies.  Their actions pose enormous, incalculable threats to our very existence.