The Truth About Crime by Stefan Molyneux


The truth scares the radical left because their ideology is built on lies.  To them, the ends justify the means.  They will lie through their teeth and deny reality in order to justify the destruction of your culture, values and way of life.

That is why the following enlightening video by Stefan Molyneux has been deemed hateful, xenophobic and racist.  When the radical left is without an argument, they simply throw pejoratives at us and then think they’ve won the argument.

Check out Stefan’s video, below:

The radical left and their media puppets will never address issues such as race and crime − issues that Stefan has raised because he is simply analyzing the raw data and telling the truth.

More and more, however, the Internet is allowing the truth to get out. The leftist techniques of shutting us down are starting to fail.

And they are worried.  Rightly so.