The Silent Majority are Irrelevant


When it comes to revolution, social violence, war and genocide, the existence of a silent majority is irrelevant. History teaches that the greatest death and destruction has taken place while the silent majority stood idly by and watched events unfold.

  • How many citizens of the Ottoman empire voiced their opposition when 1.2 million Christian Armenians, 500,000 Assyrians, 830,000 Christian Greeks were murdered?
  • How many citizens stood up to the Bolsheviks who orchestrated the Holodomor that resulted in the starving and murder of 4.5 million to 10 million Ukrainian Christians?
  • How many Chinese stood in protest while Mao’s “Great Leap Forward” killed 45 million innocent people?

Now we face the genociding of our culture, values and way of life − even our race. Our progressive politicians are purposefully smashing incompatible cultures together in the hopes of creating a Marxiculturalist paradise.

We all know that this will not end well if left unchecked. After all, it takes only a very small percentage of violent, determined individuals to turn our lives upside down. France is discovering this reality. So is Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany and every other western, Christian nation.

Our radical, leftist politicians are bringing violence to our doorstep rather than peace. We must realize that most will remain silent.

But there are those of us who do care. We do see the threats to our very existence. We are part of that small minority who can make a difference.

It is our responsibility to wake up many more.

The silent majority will always be. History is written by those who are not.