The Radical Left – Who Are They?


The relentless attacks against our society have been ongoing for decades, perpetrated by like-minded parasites who go by a variety of names: Progressives, International Socialists, Bolsheviks, Neo-Cons, Anti-Fascists, Multiculturalists, Globalists, or Marxists. Collectively they are known as the “radical left”.

Regardless of their name, they have one goal in common: To dismantle Christian society in order to create a “Marxist Utopia” where there are no longer any moral guidelines or traditions.

These individuals are ideologues who will stop at nothing until they achieve their goal.

They are oftentimes very wealthy, hold positions of political, economic and media power, and go so far as to bankroll civil wars and revolution (such as the “coloured” revolutions occurring in Europe today).

How have they attempted to achieve their goals?

The methods that modern progressives seek to accomplish their goals of societal transformation include:

  • Political correctness: With political correctness, it becomes taboo to speak against society’s traditional taboos. Ironic isn’t it? The goal is to remove speech as a tool that can be used to defend culture and values. When a person does speak-up, then the state’s Anti-Human Rights Commissions come calling with the intent to shut him up, to fine him, or to put him in prison.
  • Attack on Christianity: The progressives are relentless with their attacks against Christianity because of its myriad prohibitions against moral and sexual degeneracy. For example, they call traditional Christian culture a “rape culture” purely as a means of discrediting and demeaning Christianity.
  • Attack on the family: Progressives are known to call parents “dangerous”. They routinely attack motherhood and fatherhood. The reason is that they know that parents are the first line of defence in protecting children. They need to discredit parents so that they can take their place for the purposes of education and indoctrination. They also push for the sexualization of children at a young age because progressivism is, at its core, a degenerate ideology.
  • Discrimination against white people: One way to burn society to the ground is to make the majority of its citizens no longer believe in their own worth. Hence, the progressives use the false meme of “white privilege” and the old history of slavery to devalue and degrade white people.
  • Promotion of open borders: Progressives are well aware that open borders can be used to eradicate traditional Anglo-Saxon-Nordic society. This is why hundreds of thousands of foreigners from disparate cultures are being allowed to flood across our borders each year.

It is Time to Turn the Tables

Progressives shroud their evil deeds with Orwellian Doublespeak. Racist terms like “white privilege”, “diversity” and “inclusiveness” simply mask the progressive’s real intent to destroy our traditional culture and way of life by attacking us, our families and and everything that is of value. They call those of us on the right who want to maintain control of our borders “xenophobic”. They agitate for foreign wars abroad and civil revolution at home.

Progressives are dangerous. Their ideology threatens the very core of our society.

If our society is to survive, we cannot shrink from the radical progressive threat. Instead, we must fight it with all of our might.

Truth, morality and the teachings of history are behind us.