The Left’s Final Solution Against the Germans


It wasn’t only after the Treaty of Versailles that Germany was expected to pay war reparations. Ever since the end of WWII, the citizens of Germany have been subjected to the ultimate Final Solution: The complete extermination of their culture, values and way of life.

Conducted by the radical left including Marxist academics and political progressives, both foreign and domestic, the war to completely extinguish Germany’s native population and culture has been unrelenting for decades.

Not only are the progressives burning down German society through their tactic of political correctness (by attacking the family, traditional values and Christianity), but they are also making it illegal for indigenous Germans to voice their opinions because anything that goes contrary to the hard-left narrative is deemed hate speech.

Germany’s Justice Minister will seek sentences and hefty fines of up to €500,000 for any person who expresses dissenting opinions in print or on the Internet.

Anyone who dare raises alarms bells against the social attacks or mass immigration to which Germany is currently being subjected will be deemed a dastardly criminal of the worse kind and punished accordingly.

The last resort of totalitarian governments who wish to avoid the gallows is to shut down free speech.

Germany is the canary in the coal mine.

It is the test case for all other western nations. Will the Bolsheviks of the radical left get their Final Solution against the people of Germany, or will the hapless masses rise up and remove these leftist lunatics from their political and social space?

If recent history tells us anything, it is that a few determined individuals can wake up hoards of otherwise sleeping people.

I put my money on the hapless masses.