The Left Has Formally Adopted the Communist Party Platform


It is common knowledge that the political left has now become the radical left.  Consider the following “Take Action” items from the Communist Party USA website (link is here).

Do you notice the similarity between these “action items” and those of the Democratic Party?

Take Action Say the Communists:

  • Demand Trump and the GOP denounce white supremacy and targeting minorities and immigrants
  • No guns in schools.
  • Tell the Senate to vote no on the Kavanaugh nomination.
  • Stop cuts to Medicaid, Medicare and Obamacare.
  • Congress must act now to stop Trump from separating immigrant parents and children!
  • We need significant gun reform, including an assault weapon ban, immediately.
  • Trump must be stopped: Don’t let Trump fire Special Prosecutor Mueller.
  • Tell Trump: No coastal oil drilling!
  • Stop Jeff Sessions and DOJ! Allow states to regulate marijuana and maintain Obama drug policy.
  • Reject Trump’s changes to visa lottery program, sponsoring relatives and cutting immigration by 50%.
  • No racists in the White House!
  • Tell Congress to do their jobs! Raise the minimum wage.
  • Support Target’s non-discriminatory (transgender) bathroom policy.
  • No cuts to Planned Parenthood.
  • Help make community college education free!
  • Take the Keystone XL pipeline off the table!
  • The climate change struggle has become a priority.
  • Tell the FCC: restore net neutrality.

These could have come straight off the Democratic Party website, or Liberal Party of Canada website.

As the left gets more demanding, more degenerate and more crazy, people are driven rightward.

If there is a silver lining, it is that the commensurate rightward shift is a good thing for our efforts to wake people up!