The Great White North Ain’t What it Used to Be


Look around you.  Do you like what you see?  Do you like the fact that Canadian politicians are:

  • Destroying our prosperity by pushing unlimited free trade with every country on earth even though it is obvious that we are losing factories and high tech jobs at a rapid rate?
  • Radically transforming this country through mass immigration making it necessary for you and your children to fight for jobs in your own country, not to mention making it harder for you to afford a home?
  • Taxing you at ever increasing rates while your costs of energy and food are going through the roof?
  • Making your children second class citizens in their own country by making them fight for university and college admissions with foreign students?
  • Attacking the family, religion (particularly Christianity) and traditional moral values through their tactics of political correctness, cultural Marxism and moral degeneracy?
  • Raising the cost of electricity and fuel with carbon taxes even though we now know that the “science” of Global Warming was corrupted from the start, the end result being further economic and job destruction?
  • Using Canada’s military as pawns in foreign wars orchestrated by global, parasitic interests, wars in which we have no interest?
  • Crushing entrepreneurship through ever-increasing rules, regulations and red tape?

The Great White North ain’t what it used to be.

It is time to help wake up your fellow Canadians to the fact their culture, values and way of life are under attack!