The Genocide of Europe is Nearing Completion Warns Catholic Archbishop


As reported by Brietbart News, Monsignor Carlo Liberati, Catholic Archbishop Emeritus of Pompeii, has declared that Christian civilization in Europe will soon be over and done with.

He has warned that the social, religious, racial and cultural genocide that the ruling Marxist elite has perpetrated against the unsuspecting people of Europe will permanently transform life as they know it within a decade.

Not only is Christianity dying, in part due to the weak-kneed compliance of one progressive Pope after another that has led to the recognition of foreign, hostile religions and ideologies, but the fundamental make up of European countries is being radically and purposefully transformed and replaced with one hostile to their traditions, family values, cultures and economic structure.

Our Marxiculturalist Prime Minister, Boy Drama Teacher Justin, and his politically correct sycophants cannot wait for that day to arrive in Canada. 

That is why they are opening the borders as quickly and as much as possible with full knowledge that a clash of civilizations will soon be upon us.

Civil war is brewing in Europe.  And it is going to come to Canada.

Time to wake up your friends and neighbours.  Tick Tock.