The Anti-Christian Agenda – From 1789 to Today


Most people are puzzled when they watch or listen to the news.  To them, the world must seem “crazy”.  But it is anything but crazy.

What is going on today is the culmination of centuries of deliberate societal, religious, political and economic transformation.  At its core, the transformation is an overt attack on Christian society and beliefs.  It aims to destroy everything that is civilized and just.

It is a transformation that dates back at least to the days of the French Revolution.

France, 1789

If you ever visit Bratislava Castle, you will find a display tucked away on one of its floors.  It is a description of the myriad wars which transformed Slovakia.  One document in particular is very interesting:  It states that the French Revolution was “primarily an anti-Christian revolution”.  Not only did the revolutionaries plan to kill the Monarchy, they aimed to take down Christian civilization entirely.

And they succeeded.  They murdered not only the Christian King and Queen, but thousands of others who stood for Christian tradition.  They separated church from state.  They attacked the institution of marriage.  And France was never the same.

The Destruction of Christian Russia

The next major assault was against Christian Russia.  With western bankers funding their revolution, the Marxist/Bolshevik radicals Lenin and Trotsky overthrew and murdered the Christian Czar of Russia, including his wife and five children.  Millions of Christians were subsequently, systematically executed − part of Lenin’s deliberate plan of Christiancide (the mass murder of Christians).

The result was the one of the largest mass murders in recorded history with between 4.5 to 6 million murdered in Ukraine alone, not to mention 130,000 murdered Christian Orthodox priests in Russia.

The Attempted Marxist Take-Over of Germany

In the 1920’s, radical leftists at the Frankfurt School agitated for another Marxist revolution in Germany.  The Frankfurt academics advocated for the “burning down” of traditional Christian society.  The banker-funded radicals who took up the torch called themselves the “anti-fascists” (today in the west they use a shortened name:  “anti-fa”).

The anti-fascists were dangerous.   They used violence, even murder, to upset Christian Germany.  Hitler rose to power as a consequence of these radical leftists agitating for the destruction of their society.  (The anti-fascists of today are just as violent.)

The German government grew wise to the devious ambitions of the Frankfurt School academics, and so the latter fled Germany during WWII and setup shop at Columbia University in the U.S.  (Note that, today, Columbia is a hard-left academic institution, thanks in no small part to the arrival of the Frankfurt crew.)

The Modern Era

The anti-fascist/Frankfurt movement flourished in the U.S. and subsequently morphed into modern “progressivism”. It has been widely promulgated by university professors for decades. Today, progressivism is promoted not only by academics, but also by left-leaning think tanks, mainstream politicians, bankers, the media and rich industrialists.

We are all too familiar with the results:

  • Attacks upon the family and the sanctity of life.
  • Sexualization and corruption of young children in school.
  • Attacks upon Christianity.
  • Promulgation of foreign wars.
  • Dehumanization of the worker.
  • Attacks against white people, particularly males.
  • Promotion of mass immigration which is intended to overwhelm Christian communities.

And so on.  The radical left simply will not stop its attacks against western, Christian society until it has achieved its goal of the complete destruction of everything our ancestors have built.

But now they are facing a real challenge:  The Internet is allowing real historians to tell real history.

No longer is history being written solely by the victors or court-paid academics.  History is now being written by the victims!

People are waking up to the truth.  Knowledge is power, and the power game is only in its infancy.