Swedish Paradise Drives Bikini Cop to Quit


Leftist progressives like to cite Sweden as the role model for us all:  Free health care, free education and a happiness index second to none.  But nothing is free.

Everything has a cost.

The reality is that Sweden is being turned into a Marxist hell hole through poor economic policies and open borders.  In fact, according to Zero Hedge:

  1. There are at least 55 “no-go zones” where the police can no longer contain rising violence.
  2. The entire Malmo police force spends most of its time extinguishing car fires lit by misguided youth.

The dysfunction created within Sweden’s police force has prompted Mikaela Kellner, the country’s famous “bikini cop” to quit.

Time to wake up to the Marxiculturalist reality being created by our mainstream politicians.  Keeping our heads in the sand is not the way to preserve our way of life.