Stand Up for Bill Whatcott and Against Leftist Lunacy


Bill Whatcott is one of those rare men who will stand up for what is right even in the face of the most extreme adversity.

Bill is being run through the legal grinder by the radical Marxists who now run our legal system.  Not only is he facing charges in Ontario for handing out medically informative flyers at Toronto’s gay pride parade, but he is also defending himself in a B.C. “kangaroo court” for publicly stating that a transgendered political candidate who ran for office was, in reality, a man.

Bill’s opening statements at his Vancouver show trial, as reported by Lifesitenews, says a lot about him:

“I do see it as my duty today to stand for the truth, to stand against coercion and trying to force us to use the pronouns that are fake, to call men ‘women,’ and to call women ‘men,’ so please pray for me. Please pray for those who are here supporting me.”

You can read what the heavy hand of the state is putting him through at Free North America.  It is a harrowing story.  His arrest in Ontario is despicable.  The B.C. judges are stacked against him.

Most importantly: 

Let’s give Bill the support and prayers he deserves.  He is a true modern-day warrior!