Six Decades of Leftist Degeneracy


It is clear that for last six decades, the progressive left has been on a tear to dismember our society.  They are doing so in the hopes building a Utopia on earth that employs a centrally planned, command and control economy combined with a debauched morality based upon anti-Christian, situational ethics (“if it feels right, then it is right”) and polymorphous perversity.

Progressive ideology has been pushed hard by university academics, mainstream politicians, Hollywood studios and the mainstream media.  There are several key strategies that progressives have used to crush our culture and values:

  • One strategy is the attacking of the family, parenthood and the traditional relationships held between men and women.
  • Another is presenting moral degeneracy as acceptable and normal.
  • Yet another is attacking the Bible and Christianity.

The progressives have had a great run at it.  Canadians have sleep-walked into their trap by accepting their degenerate ideas bit by bit.  The leftist agenda of societal annihilation that was planned six decades ago has now been fully embraced by the twisted lunatics who now lead Canada’s political parties.

Canadians need to recognize this threat, and take action against these sickos to protect our values, culture, families, communities and future.