Pipelines, Energy & Marxist Destruction


Canada’s current Prime Minister, the son of an avowed Communist and elite progressive, is lost when it comes to economics.

Like all Marxists, Trudeau believes that the best economic performance is achieved from the top down. He has no clue that history has taught us that society prospers best when inventors and entrepreneurs are free to create.

One need only look to modern-day Venezuela to understand that the more a government intervene in an economy, the worse the economy does. Marxists refuse to learn from history because it would force them to alter their plans for the creation of a Utopia on Earth run by elite academics and politicians.

Trudeau is no different. He has the misguided idea that we need to decrease our use of fossil fuels even though the science behind Global Warming (a.k.a. Climate Change) is corrupted and politicized. He recently stated:

In a time when we know we have pledged to decrease our use of fossil fuels within the next few decades to have any chance of securing a habitable planet for ourselves, should we in fact be expanding fossil fuel infrastructure?

Imagine if the government micromanaged the food industry − it would be a disaster. It would certainly result in great inefficiency with long food lines and hungry citizens. In spite of this reality, Trudeau is determined to micromanage the energy industry. The results will not be good for Canadians. The end result will be higher energy prices. When the price of energy is artificially increased, then the result is more poverty, the elimination of jobs and the continued off-shoring of factories.

For losers like the Prime Minister of Canada, it’s all about “the feelinz” [sic]. Social and political degenerates like him have no comprehension of history, economics or reality. Instead, they will always desire to act as intrusively into the economy as their “feelings” dictate − which is generally a whole lot.

Isn’t it time to recognize the danger that these Marxists represent?