Open Borders: Suicide by Design


For all intents and purposes, it is reasonable to say that Canada’s old parties have left the country’s borders wide open.

We have learned the hard way that open borders make it more difficult for young Canadians to get an education and find jobs.

Also, billions of dollars are shipped abroad each year to the families of foreign workers — money that should be staying here in Canada for local investment and job creation.

In 2010, Germany’s Angela Merkel acknowledged that her policies of open borders had failed the people of Germany.

Why should the same policies that have failed the people of Europe somehow magically serve Canadians?

Of course, for the radical leftists in government, rational thinking, deductive logic and the lessons of history are not part of their cognitive process.

Instead, these autistic lunatics keep chanting the same old mantra that open borders are unconditionally good for you — even when you or your children are stuck in the unemployment line, or receive a letter of rejection from college or university.

Naturally, the politicians blame you for the problems they create.

For example, check out this article from 2013 for a sample of how their deranged logic and propaganda are misleading young graduates and people looking for work.

Angie Robbins, a registered nurse, saw through their lies when she commented:

I hear they’re desperate for workers. Funny, I can’t find a summer job as of yet, and I’ve been applying since December.

Angie learned from hard experience that the progressives in government do not have her best interests at heart.  And it hasn’t gotten better in the last few years, either.

Open borders are intended to tear our society apart.  It is part of the progressive plan.  People are starting to take notice, though.  Wake up your friends and neighbours when you get a chance, especially the young.  They will listen!