Ontario Government Goes Full Nut Job: Declares No Such Thing as Race


It’s official: The Ontario Human Rights Commission has declared that race is a “social construct” (you can read their official “fact sheet” here):

The Commission has explained “race” as socially constructed differences among people based on characteristics such as accent or manner of speech, name, clothing, diet, beliefs and practices, leisure preferences, places of origin and so forth. The process of social construction of race is called racialization: the process by which societies construct races as real, different and unequal in ways that matter to economic, political and social life.

By claiming that race is no longer a human attribute, but rather a mental fiction, the Human Rights Commission has attempted to dismiss reality itself and, ironically, replace it with their own fiction.  They simply state a “new truth” and expect you to accept it.

But we know the real truth, don’t we?  We know that race is a collection of attributes that is determined by genetics.  You know, DNA.  Consider that when Ancestry.com and 23andMe provide a scientific analysis of a person’s DNA, they break it down in percentages of RACE, not in percentages of diet and clothing.

Race is the manifestation of genetics.  Science says so.

The Human Rights Commission is desperate to propagate the Marxist myth that all humans are the same − that with a little “social reprogramming” we can all become model citizens.  What lies they tell.

And the radical left is good at lying.  They lie right to our faces and then castigate us when we point out their denial of reality.  Whether they really do believe their own BS, or not, doesn’t matter.  For them, the end game is the burning down of our civilization.  They believe that from the ashes of our bones will rise the phoenix of a Marxist Utopia.

It is all utter craziness.  It is no wonder people are waking up.

Alas, there is no political middle ground anymore.  Keeping society “in the centre” means compromising our ideals for the mental illness of the left.  We simply cannot afford to do that anymore.  We must draw a line in the sand.

Welcome to the right − the hard right:  The normal, “fact-based” place to be.


  1. “Genetic Structure, Self-Identified Race/Ethnicity, and Confounding in Case-Control Association Studies”

    Tang Et Al

    Am J Hum Genet. 2005 Feb; 76(2): 268–275.

    “We have analyzed genetic data for 326 microsatellite markers that were typed uniformly in a large multiethnic population-based sample of individuals as part of a study of the genetics of hypertension (Family Blood Pressure Program). Subjects identified themselves as belonging to one of four major racial/ethnic groups (white, African American, East Asian, and Hispanic) and were recruited from 15 different geographic locales within the United States and Taiwan. Genetic cluster analysis of the microsatellite markers produced four major clusters, which showed near-perfect correspondence with the four self-reported race/ethnicity categories. Of 3,636 subjects of varying race/ethnicity, only 5 (0.14%) showed genetic cluster membership different from their self-identified race/ethnicity.”

    TL;DR: 99.86% of people surveyed self-identified with the same race their genes indicated.

    TL;DR: The left has become a fanatically science hostile cult.

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