Old Marxist Parties Bring Europe to the Brink of Civil War


Lieutenant-General André Blattmann of the Swiss Armed Forces has warned that European society is “dangerously close to collapse” and has asked that citizens begin to arm themselves with their military reserve weapons for defense purposes.  Sir Richard Dearlove, former MI6 head warned that Europe is headed for a “populist uprising” if it remains unwilling to change its immigration policies.

Patrick Calvar, Chief of the Directorate General of Internal Security in France, has sounded the alarm saying, “Europe is on the brink of civil war.”  Ominously, the U.N. has seen this as an opportunity to train and deploy a black-ops military unit that will be used to crush the skulls of any citizens who might want to defend their traditional culture and values.

Europe’s old parties, which have transformed the continent’s grand societies into Marxist hell-holes rife with social unrest, mass immigration, violence and economic collapse, are reaching the end of the road.

Europe is being set on fire and it likely won’t be long before many European nations face political insurrection and outright civil war.

Canadians should take heed.  We’re heading down the same path.  It is not too late to change course, but time is running out.  Tick-Tock.