New Hampshire Safer Than B.C.?


For decades, political progressives and the mainstream media have been on the war path against gun ownership.

They claim that guns need to removed from the hands of private citizens to make us safer.

But these claims are never substantiated.  The reason is that the data tells the opposite story.

If you look at FBI data and compare it to data from StatsCan data, you will find that northern Canada has, on average, the highest homicide rate in North America − even with Canadian gun laws.

Now, consider New Hampshire:  With its comparable “absence” of gun laws, the “Live Free or Die” state has an average homicide rate of one-half of British Columbia’s.

Why the disparity in the average rates of homicide?  Well, we know it’s not due to the weather, or the hours of sunlight available during a winter day.  After all, Iceland is a country awash in guns, but one that has the third lowest homicide rate of all countries on the planet.

Justice for Gun Owners Canada discovered an important bit of information that helps to explain the disparity in the murder rate:

The Aboriginal homicide rate is 8.2 per 100,000 Aboriginal population, while the rate for non-Aboriginals is just 1.34 per 100,000 population. As with victims, so it is with accused. Aboriginals are accused of homicide ten times as frequently as non-Aboriginal Canadians (9.8 vs. 0.9 per respective 100,000 populations).

People who are good, moral, peaceful and come from a culture that values life, family and private property will not start killing one another just because they own guns.

It does not take a rocket scientist to conclude that it is the culture, values, morality and spirit of the people that determine their propensity to murder one another.

For centuries, Anglo-Saxon-Nordic Canadians have had a tremendous tradition of free gun ownership and carry as a means of protecting their property and their families wherever they might go.  It has worked because such Canadians do not kill each other like other people do.

The progressives have brainwashed us into thinking that the rising rates of crime have been due to guns.  It is all a lie.

Why do the progressives resist admitting the truth that guns are not the source of violence and murder?  One reason is that progressives hate guns.  They hate that guns allow people to defend themselves and their family.  Progressives tend to be weaklings and and they want everyone to be weak like them.

The second is that they will never admit to the cultural and genetic origins of high murder rates.  It goes against their lies that multiculturalism is a strength and that everyone is equal.

people of western European descent create peaceful societies. others do not.

The cure is not to take guns away from law-abiding, duly licensed Canadians of western European descent who are inherently moral and peaceful.  The best we can do is to isolate ourselves from those who cannot control themselves.

Does it come as a surprise that New Hampshire is safer than B.C.?  Not at all.