Marxiculturalism: Doomed to Fail


For decades, Marxist progressives have promulgated the meme that Canada is better off being multicultural than monocultural.  However, they never back up their claims with evidence.  That is because it does not exist.  Only contrary evidence exists.

When you look at the world around you, it’s easy to see that people of diverse cultures generally have a very hard time getting along.  The U.S.A. is erupting in race wars.  Europe is being burned to the ground due to increasing conflict between indigenous Christians and foreigners.  In Canada we are witnessing increasing conflicts between foreigners who bring their wars home to the inner cities and suburbs.

Everyone knows that mass immigration results not only in the genocide of indigenous culture and society, but also results in the increase of social violence, drug gang violence, terrorism and general conflict.

There is no more peaceful a society than a monocultural, Anglo-Saxon one.

That is why everyone wants to move to Canada − because it is a very much better and more prosperous place to live than the Marxist hell holes from whence most new comers come.

Marxiculturalism is doomed to fail the citizens of Canada.  Decades of history has given us all the evidence we need to draw this conclusion.

Isn’t it time to close the flood gates on immigration in order to conserve the fabric of our peaceful and prosperous society?