“Let Them Eat Cake”, Canada’s Drama-Teacher-in-Chief Says


When a mother of four confronted Canada’s Prime Minister to ask how she could afford to pay even higher prices for electricity due to the Liberal’s “Green Carbon Tax”, the clueless leader replied:

We are a country in which anyone with a quarter of your strength, of your drive should be thriving and focused on how are you going to spoil your grandchildren with all of your energy as opposed to how are you going to get through the week or the day.

Let them eat cake, eh?  With replies like that, there is little wonder that average citizens are waking up to the disconnect between them and their elected leaders.

It used to be that leaders truly wanted what was best for their people.  They recognized real dangers and they worked hard to ensure that the cultural, spiritual and economic make-up of the country was protected.

But, not anymore.

In fact, our Drama-Teacher-in-Chief is working hard against us:

  • He has no problem imposing new carbon taxes even though the poor and middle-class  suffer the most with higher electricity and gas bills.
  • He has no problem that higher energy costs will send more jobs overseas and close more factories.
  • He has no problem shipping billions of hard-earned tax dollars abroad to build high-tech solar and wind farms in third-world, failed nations.
  • He has no problem castigating Canadians who simply want to be able to save for their family, or for their retirement.  Suck it up, he boldly says.

Is it any wonder that more and more yellow vests are appearing in the streets?  It is any wonder that people are looking for alternative political parties?

Things didn’t end well for the last leader who said “let them eat cake.”  Let’s hope that our society stays on the side of civility and sanity before it gets to that point.