Leftists Demand Gender Quotas Because It’s the Current Year


“It’s time for gender equality in parliament because it’s the current year”, goes the tag-line at Equal Seats for Women.

The Candidate Gender Equity Act, Bill C-237, would have required that a political party with more 50% men be financially penalized. The NDP hatched the bill. And some progressive Conservatives were quite keen on it.

According to the Huffinton Post, Conservative MP Marilyn Gladu, the Chair of the Commons’ Status of Women Committee, said:

… [the] bill is bringing an incentive − a financial incentive − for parties to encourage women to go into the field. And if they don’t get enough competent woman, then they just have a financial loss. And I think that might not be a bad idea.

In effect, Gladu said that she has no problem with small parties getting wiped off the map. How… democratic.

Political correctness is not kind. It is not about freedom. It is not about equality. It is not even about being correct.

Political correctness is about employing any method to destroy social cohesion, individual freedom, rational thought and traditional culture and values. Using reverse discrimination to artificially advance the financial and social status of one group above another is such a method.

Do the leftists care that Bill C-237 would have necessarily discriminated against qualified men or killed small political parties? Actually, they do care − it’s precisely what they want.

To be PC is to be a totalitarian with a uni-directional agenda that mows down everything good that is in the way. After all, how absurd is it to think that political parties should have an exact split of 50/50 between men and women? How else could this be achieved except through the use of immoral force, financial or otherwise?

The good news is that Bill C-237 was defeated 209 to 68 by Liberals and Conservative MPs. It is stunning that 68 of those lunatics still thought that this was a good idea.