Jail Time for Gun Carry Results in More Gang Violence


If there is one thing that criminal attorneys have noticed, it is the marked increase in the number of stabbings that take place in the Canada’s major cities.  Most stabbings occur as a result of gang violence. If you pay attention to the news, you will see this trend, as well.

Even though the Supreme Court squashed the government’s attempt to impose minimum jail time for carrying a prohibited gun, the fear of significant jail time has caused thugs to carry knives more often.  According to attorneys, it used to be that possession of a handgun carried a minimal sentence, thus making them the weapon of choice.

In most gang encounters where guns are displayed, thugs tend to retreat.  But knives do not present the same level of threat and so have a greater tendency to make the person on the defence engage in a fight rather than to turn away.

Carrying a gun of choice used to be a fundamental right of Canadians.  Radical leftists hate guns, however, because they believe that only the government should have guns so that you must submit to its will.  Secondly, they tend to be weaklings who would never think of defending themselves or their family.

Those on the Radical Left are used to being victims, and want you to be a victim, too.

Note that Canada is headed down the same path as the U.K. wherein possession of knives is a potential criminal offense.  Stay tuned for this development.