Is it Possible to Compromise With the Progressives?


The talking heads on T.V. keep repeating the claim that we need to “compromise” with our political rivals. What they really mean is that the people on the right who hold traditional values (like you and me) need to unconditionally bend to the will of the hard left.

It is never the other way around.

This is no surprise because the talking heads in mainstream media fall into the category of being leftist progressives. They call for compromise because they are fearful − fearful not only because they are morally, spiritually and physically weak, but also because they are fearful that their agenda will be exposed.

They need us to compromise because they know that if we start to discover their true agenda, then their gig is up.

But compromise is simply not possible. After all, how is it possible to compromise with the lunatic left that:

  • Attacks the family and fatherhood and motherhood?
  • Calls for the sexualization of young children in schools?
  • Discredits religion and Christianity in particular?
  • Wants to open up the borders so as to genocide our culture?

Of course, it is impossible to compromise with those who wish to destroy our way of life. There is no common ground between those of us who are rational and decent, and the monsters who wish to destroy everything that is good.

The only thing we can do is to stop them − to defeat them!