Government’s Love Child, the CBC, Creates Race-Based Website


The CBC has gone live with a race-based website:  CBC News – Indigenous. Imagine the gnashing of teeth on the part of the lefties if a TV station created an Anglo-Saxon centric website − the snowflakes would cry all the way to their safe rooms.

We have no problem with this initiative.  But let’s recognize the dishonesty being promulgated by the PC leftists:  For them, racism is always uni-directional which means against you.  They will never celebrate your culture or values because their aim is to discredit you and everything you stand for.  Their goal is to tear your world apart.  They will always celebrate every other culture by holding it up as the gold standard that you must adhere to − often by law.

Do you get it?  They say you are a racist even though they do all the race baiting.

They say you believe in a rape culture because you are a Christian even though nothing could be further from the truth.  They say everything about your way of life is garbage even though their culture is one of debauchery, indecency, evil and deceit.

You need to decide which side you’re on as the battle for our future is ramping up.  There is no middle ground anymore.  You are either on the extreme left, or the hard right.

Being on the hard right is the rational, just and decent place to be.