Government Memo Says Climate Change Easy Sell to Latinos, Blacks & Women


A leaked email from Christopher Lehane (a White House Attorney) confirms the increasingly widespread view that global warming has primarily become a political project.

In the email attachment, Lehane claims that global warming is a project to be targeted mainly towards women, latinos, African Americans and the “under 30” crowd.  The implication is that he considers these groups an “easy sell”, presumably because he must think that they lack intelligence and the ability to scrutinize data and make rational decisions.  Isn’t it ironic that such comments disparage the very groups that the lefties target with their Marxist propaganda?  But progressive leftists are “haters” and do look down upon everyone with disdain.

Global warming has been a difficult sell for lefties like Lehane.  After all, more and more scientists are coming forward with evidence that runs counter to the global warming meme, and even “climate scientists” themselves are admitting that they got the science wrong.

However, to the political class, the science doesn’t matter anymore.  It’s now all about the politics and the green money grab that will drain your bank account and shut down your business.