Goodbye to Ontario’s Old, Depraved Sex Ed Curriculum


The progressive degenerates who run provincial educational programs are going hard after your family and your core morality.

We’ve seen the attacks they routinely make against religion, especially Christianity.  The Christian religion, after all, imposes moral constraints on behaviour.

But the progressives hate all that.  And they are demanding that your children be on the forefront of their war against your way of life.

Thankfully, the new “light-conservative” party under Doug Ford has nullified the horrendous sex-ed program that was introduced into Ontario schools in 2015.

Click here for an eye-opening exposé by Campaign for Life of the corruption and sexualization of young children in Ontario schools that was being committed.  Campaign for Life highlighted that:

  • Kathleen Wynn, Ontario’s old Premier, promised to weave “enthusiastic sexual consent” throughout the sex-ed curriculum, beginning in grade 1.
  • By age 12, students were given instruction on “understanding of your own body, including what gives you pleasure.
  • In grade 8, the teacher was to help students make a sexual plan for themselves”.
  • The curriculum taught the disputed theory of “gender identity” as if it were fact even though we know that gender identity theory is not science-based teaching.
  • The curriculum also normalized homosexual family structures and homosexual “marriage” in the minds of 8-year-olds, without regard for the religious/moral beliefs of families.

Is it any surprise that the old Premier’s right-hand man in the Department of Education, Benjamin Levin, was convicted of making child pornography?

Progressive are a bunch of sick, creepy monsters who ask us to trade in our moral, cultural and religious values for their debauched and disturbing ideologies.

They claim that kids today need safe spaces − all the while they plan to subject very young children to the most depraved evil that can be conjured by their twisted minds.

There is no middle ground to be had with these satanic fiends of the radical left.  They will not stop until every bit of decency and civility is erased from our society.

Isn’t it time that we recognize the clear and present danger that they represent?

Isn’t it time to take real action to blunt their attack on basic decency, morality, good parenting and common sense?