The Things That Andrew Scheer Will Not Say


The maverick, charismatic leader of the fledgling Peoples’ Party of Canada, Maxime Bernier, surprised many of us when he recently appeared on the Rubin Report. In the wake of the interview, party members and supporters received a bulletin from Bernier where he posed an interesting question concerning his rivals. “Can you imagine (Conservative leader) Andrew Scheer, (Prime Minister) Justin Trudeau, or (NDP leader) Jagmeet Singh appearing on this show?”

My answer was reflexive “NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS”.

In fact, there are a lot of things I can’t imagine Andrew Scheer doing — or saying.

I can’t imagine Andrew Scheer saying “I would cut the annual immigration intake down to 250,000 per year.”

Or “You know, Senator Lynn Belak, you were right about Residential Schools. The whole CBC narrative is a damn lie. I am sorry I kicked you out.”

Or “While the great majority of Muslims in Canada are peaceful ordinary people, there is nothing peaceful or ordinary about the ideology of Islam, which is a totalitarian blend of religion and politics.”

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