Diversity is Orwellian Doublespeak for Sexism and Racism


In George Orwell’s book, 1984, Doublespeak was a phraseology employed to create a cognitive dissonance in the public so that they could accept horror as normal.

In today’s world, progressives governments use this exact strategy.

One need look no further than the diversity and inclusiveness laws being advocated by progressive social engineers and PC politicians.

Diversity is simply Doublespeak for reverse discrimination against white Anglo-Saxons, males in particular.

Consider that the Toronto police chief has been instructed to implement an official program of diversity by selecting recruits that reflect “changing demographics”:

  • The progressives call it being “more inclusive”, but what it really means is that the chief can no longer consider only aptitude, skill and suitability for the job as the main criteria for hiring.
  • The Chief has been commanded to “down-rank” certain candidates based upon their race and gender − we all know this means white Anglo-Saxon males.

It is overt racism disguised in the language of Doublespeak. Rather than calling themselves racists, as they should, the progressives call themselves “pro-diversity” and “inclusive”.

Also, consider the fact that the federal Liberals have introduced legislation which forces publicly traded companies to report on the gender balance of their boards and senior management. According to Global News:

If, in a few years, the government doesn’t see the progress they’re looking for, the Liberal Party will consider imposing gender quotas.

How can this be viewed as anything else other than overt sexism − the iron fist of the state forcing companies to eliminate better qualified males from boards and management?

And, ironically, sexism is the very thing progressives claim they are trying to “fix”.

Such a law is not only repulsive, but it is not needed. After all, companies have to be competitive to stay in business and, therefore, have economic incentives to hire the best person, man or woman, for the job.

But the progressive parasites and cultural Marxists don’t see it that way. In their twisted minds, logic and reason have no place.

Progressives only understand the use of brute force to accomplish their radical, racist and sexist anti-social agendas which are steadfastly anti-Anglo-Saxon and implicitly anti-Christian.

The progressives are the enemy of equality. justice and civility  We must stand up and fight their degenerate, dangerous ideologies.