Canadian Supreme Court Judge Says Constitution is a Living Tree


If there is one thing that Canada’s political parties detest, it is any restriction on their power.

That is why they have a love/hate relationship with the constitution.

They like to strut around claiming how we are a “nation of laws”, but then they appoint someone like Mr. Malcolm Rowe to the Supreme Court who thinks that the constitution is a “living tree” which simply means that he can just make everything up.

[Rowe] presents himself as a follower of the “living tree” constitutional doctrine, a belief that the document’s interpretation can change progressively over time — rather than strictly adhere to the text’s original meaning.

Guys like this are dangerous, and “Sunny Days” Trudeau thinks he is the cat’s meow.

Is it any wonder that our “nation of laws” is turning into a nation of legal chaos and social upheaval?