Canada’s Health Care Has Become Death Care


It used to be that medical care in Canada was provided by Christian Churches and private, religious organizations that put the health of patients first.  Their primary aim was not to fill their pockets with their patients’ money, but rather to provide a humanitarian service.

The life of patients used to be sacred.

Then, during the 20th century, provincial governments (with financial and legal support from Ottawa) turned everything upside down by taking over health care.  Churches were forced to give up the control of their hospitals by law.  Private organizations were sidelined.  Each provincial government passed laws that made it the sole payer for all major medical services, thus securing their grip on the industry.

If there is one thing that secular, Godless governments are good it, it is failing to fulfill the needs of the people.  Image if today’s governments ran the food industry. It would be a disaster, wouldn’t it?  It is not difficult to conclude that the results would be food shortages, bread lines, high costs, poor service & conflict.

Well, aren’t the results of government run health care the same? Consider that, according to the Canadian Medical Association, Canada’s medical industry has one of the lowest rates of productivity in the world − which means that Canadians get the worst bang for their bucks.  Toronto specialist William E. Goodman, MD, likens Canadian health care to the road to serfdom.

Also, consider that our health care system is being burdened with spiraling numbers of welfare-dependent immigrants who consume health services that should, otherwise, be going to you and your children.

In order cut down on costs, the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that health care workers can now legally kill patients to unblock thousands of beds. Similarly, in the UK, over 130,000 patients are actively euthanized every year to get rid of “useless eaters”.

Matters are made worse in Canada due to the multicultural ideology of the “separation of church and state”.  What this means is that God, and goodness, have been systematically removed from the provision of health services.

The industry has now been left in the hands of self-interested medical money-grubbers who see no issue with robbing taxpayers blind and pumping patients full of sodium pentathol when they become a nuisance.

The heartless, soulless bureaucrats and Mercedes-driving doctors who run our health care system will not fix it, so let’s stop looking towards them for answers.  They like the system just the way it is.

The future of Canadian health care looks grim.  The only solution may be for the remaining Christian churches and organizations to move back into the providing of medical care.  In this way, at least some patients could receive proper treatment.  It would be a legal minefield to do so, however.

The bottom line is:  In monocultural, Christian countries where the churches run health care, services are humane, decent and productive.  In centrally planned, multicultural countries that suffer from the separation of church and state, health care becomes wasteful and cruel.

That’s where we are today.