Bubbles Inflate While Your Standard of Living Plummets


The mainstream media will not tell you that Canada’s economy is being pumped up like a hot air balloon by the Bank of Canada through near-zero percent interest rates, “quantitative easing” and an easy money policy.

The Bank is single-handedly destroying the value of the Canadian dollar.

That is why you find yourself paying higher and higher prices for food, clothing, energy and shelter while your wages and profits stagnate. It is the same reason why you cannot save for your family or for your retirement.

It wasn’t always this way.  From 1774-1912, annual inflation was -0.2% meaning that prices actually went down.

Decreasing prices are a sign of a healthy, productive economy whereas spiraling prices and a devalued currency are signs of a dysfunctional economy.

The bankers and Old Party politicians tell us that we need inflation. The reality is that it is only good for the bankers who skim the cream off the top and for the politicians who can then spend beyond their means.

It is the duty of the government to return to sound monetary policy so that Canadians can save again!


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