BCE and CE? The Destruction of Our Language and Civilization


We now know that political correctness is more than just a way of speaking — more than just the use of “fire fighter” in place of “fireman”.

Rather, it is the implementation of a radical, anti-Christian world view held by those on the radical left that is hell-bent on the destruction of civil society as we know it.

The radical left aims to destroy western civilization in order to achieve their goals of creating a Marxist, Utopian society − one built around moral perversion, fake egalitarianism and make-believe rather than logic, morality, and realism.

As part of their destructive plan, they are working hard to destroy the very language we use to support our civilization.

That is why you see the concerted effort in the halls of politics, the media and higher education to remove all references to traditional gender roles, to attack the family and Christianity in particular.

Consider the following:

  • It is no longer “PC” to refer to a male parent as a “father” and female parent as “mother”, but rather “care giver”.
  • Wishing “Merry Christmas”, or talking about the Christmas season is deemed not “inclusive” or “diverse” enough.
  • We are told to replace the abbreviation BC (Before Christ) with “BCE” (Before Common Era), and AD (Anno Domini) with “CE” (Common Era).

The parasitic, progressive elites even go so far as to group religious expression along with “hate speech”.

After all, from their perverted perspective, “hate speech” means anything that they disagree with.

Progressives shout “white privilege” to your face when they simply mean that they “hate you” for who you are.

The radical left are full of hate, and they will pull out all the stops to degrade you and your family and ruin your life.  These subversive savages will not stop until the very culture that formed the foundation of western civilization is burned to the ground.

The good news is that people are waking up.  After all, the metastasizing evil of the radical left grows in intensity, and insanity, every day.  It is more and more in our faces.  People are taking notice.

Be proud of your position on the Hard Right.  That is where you rightfully belong.