Are You a Small “c” Conservative? Then You Are on the Hard Right


Do you consider yourself to be a small “c” conservative? If you do, then you likely value things like small government, personal freedom, low taxes, few regulations, private property rights and a government that defends the country’s borders.

Moreover, you likely possess:

  • An underlying morality taught through Christian religion (e.g., the Ten Commandments and The Golden Rule).
  • An appreciation of private property (what you earn is yours to keep).
  • A respect for parents and the traditional family.
  • A respect for entrepreneurs, inventors and businessmen.

After all, being a conservative means that you value “conserving” your way of life that was created through the accomplishments and ingenuity of your ancestors. You wish to hold on to your traditions, culture and values in order to create a better tomorrow for you and your family.

The mainstream media will try to convince you that you are “right of center”. That is, they would like to make you believe that you have a duty to compromise your values and beliefs so that peace and harmony can be achieved with those on the left, and that the left will do the same in return. However, you’ve been duped.

The compromise, as it turns out, is a one way street, and you are the one doing the compromising.

The left never compromises.

For example:

  • Did the progressives consider your values when they rewrote the definition of marriage?
  • Did the left care about your beliefs when they introduced sex ed programs that sexualize children as young as five years of age in public schools?
  • Do you think they ever stopped to consider the ramifications of their increasingly intrusive red tape and high taxes?
  • Do you think they give a damn whenever they force you to compromise with your own core principles?

The degenerates on the left do not give a damn about you and they will never compromise with you. It is their way or the highway.

What this means is that the political center has become a wasteland. The old parties have all moved to the extreme left thanks to to the progressives who now run them.

Once you realize that you are unwilling to give one more iota to the sickos of the left, then you will find yourself on the right. The Hard Right.

Because there is no middle ground anymore.